Medical Understanding

As an Anthropology student at the University of Oklahoma with a focus on medical anthropology, I am studying to learn more about how health and illness are shaped, experienced, and understood in varying cultural, global, historical, and political contexts. By evolving my understanding of human health through the development of a holistic perspective, I aim to gain the lenses necessary for a health care provider to successfully provide treatment to international communities.¬†As an aspiring psychiatrist, I want to provide accessible mental health services to impoverished communities of India. A large population of these underprivileged communities suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, symptomatic of their quality of life. However, due to overwhelming poverty and a cultural stigma towards mental health, serious mental health issues are often dismissed only to further decrease the quality of life for many. Eventually, I would like to open a clinic to provide these communities with the care necessary to help alleviate their suffering. I am currently working towards this goal of understanding through the pursuit of a Critical Language Scholarship to study Hindi in India for a semester.¬†Because treatment of psychiatric conditions rely heavily on verbal communication and cultural understanding between patients and healthcare providers, it is important I am able to understand my patients’ plight beyond its physical context.


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